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5 Low Cost Internet Marketing Strategies

5 Low Cost Internet Marketing Strategies

There are many possibilities where internet marketing is concerned.  If youíre new to the world of e-commerce and internet business, then you’re undoubtedly searching for ways to promote your website, products, and services.  If you’re not new, but are seeking for ways to bring in more traffic to your site, then these tips can give you some ideas.

Internet marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  There are ways you can bring traffic in to your website for free or cheap.  No, these methods require no spamming.  Itís possible to promote your website in inexpensive ways without having to resort to spam. They are as follows:

Article Marketing

Distributing articles to ezine directories along with a resource box containing your siteís link is a great way to get your business out there in front of a large, targeted audience.  If professional and informative enough, your articles can also be picked up by blogs and newsletters that will also link to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

What important keywords will someone have to search for at Google in order to find a site such as yours?  Think about this and try optimizing your site with those keywords.  This requires more than simple meta tags.  You need to place those keywords in content throughout your site.

Social marketing and networking

Do you have a Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter account?  Why not create a profile for your business as well?  Use these social websites, as well as others, to connect with a target audience and to establish yourself as an expert.

Directory Listings

While Dmoz is one of the most popular free directories out there, there are others as well.  Submit your website to free directories.  Some of them rank really high, and by having your link added to them, your own siteís rank can increase!

Forum and Blog Marketing

If you don’t already have a blog, you need to do so.  Create a blog to go along with your site.  Update it often with useful information.  You can also visit other blogs similar to your own and leave interesting comments (not spam), and sometimes blog owners will allow you to place your link with your comments.  As far as forum marketing goes, you need participate often and exchange ideas with other posters.  Have your site’s link as your signature line.
These are just a few of the most popular, low-cost  methods of internet marketing.  No matter which one(s) you choose to try, you need to be consistent.  Spend as much time as you can, at least a couple of hours a day, working on one or more of these methods.  In the long run, you and your site will be more popular, and youíll begin making all the money youíve ever wanted (or something like that).

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