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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Using WordPress

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Using WordPress

So… you want to insert some tracking code into the body of your WordPress blog / website page to track conversions? Simple, surely?

Think again!

The first option that I tried was using the custom fields on the page to insert the code. Unfortunately though, this inserts the code into the header of the page – not the body where it needs to be – so that’s not going to work for us.

If you Google the subject, the top result is this post by Ozone Marketing. This looks promising as it is based on a WordPress plugin and these are generally good for the not-so-technical amongst us in terms of adding functionality to the mighty WordPress. However, having tried this I have got to admit that it did not actually work for me. The reason is that the solution was based on a Google Website Optimizer Plugin for WordPress and this plugin has now been updated which renders this approach unworkable. I might be wrong about that and if I am I would love to hear!

Next up is this post from the Google Adwords Forum. Unfortunately the best that they could come up with was somebody suggesting checking the plugins available for WordPress – surely somebody must have written one… Well – sorry – they haven’t!

The last post of note is this one from ‘Internet Megaphone’. I would say this is a very well researched and written post by somebody who obviously knows what they’re talking about. The problem with this is really that it involved downloading and editing PHP pages and, frankly, this scares me.

So.. what we really need (and urgently) is a WordPress plugin specifically dedicated to this one issue – that is, adding AdWords tracking code to one specific page of a WordPress blog. If anybody knows of one I would love to hear about it. If, as I suspect, there isn’t one, then coders – I suggest you get cracking!

6 Responses to Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Using WordPress

  1. Hi, this guy on youtube says in this video that you just paste the tracking code in your wordpress page editor but in the html tab not the visual tab, can it really be this simple??? Surely it can’t be –

  2. just downloaded and activated the creative clans embed script.

    So far only 282 people have downloaded the plugin but don’t let this put you have, I have tried it and it worked. You can putthe code at the top or bottom of your page, i selected top and when i viewed the html it was just at after the tag – perfect.

    After yu have installed the plugin yuo need to go to your conversion page, the embed fields wil be to the right of your screen. On mine it’s belwo the page attributes bit.

    Guido thanks for sharing this mate – cheers!

  3. I wrote an article about how to enable your adwords conversion tracking if your plugin doesn’t do it automatically for you: WordPress Conversion Tracking

    The basics of the article explains:
    1. Put conversion code in separate php file
    2. Put this in your footer
    3. Add php code to insert code only when users complete conversion

    This solution only works for on-site checkout and won’t solve your problem for Google Checkout, Paypal, etc.

  4. Adwords is really good in driving traffic to your website. however, they are very strict right now and they would not easily approve websites that they thought have low quality content. `

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